Wire and Spark Erosion

Precision Parts Engineering was aware, that despite advances in technology in many aspects of machining, particularly in the field of Milling, Boring and Turning, there were times when clients demanded greater accuracy and finish to components.

As these demands could not be achieved either by CNC or conventional machining, and to give Precision Parts Engineering the flexibility needed to meet such requests, investment was made in Wire and Spark Erosion technology.

This facility at Precision Parts Engineering can sustain micron accuracy levels and with the job and the machine table submerged in temperature controlled deionised water, holes can be bored with complete accuracy.

The same also applies to hardened materials as Wire Erosion can take place after hardening with no loss of accuracy. There is no degradation of surface hardness and the integrity of the material is sustained. Distortion is unlikely in hardened materials and careful planning eliminates the distortion in unhardened materials.

As Precision Parts Engineering is a major supplier of tools and dies to many industries, its Wire and Spark Erosion facility is able to give high accuracy to any tool or die; no matter what its size or shape.

Precision Parts Engineering partners an international chemical company, whose main UK plant is engaged in the manufacture of catalyst tablets. This company totally relies on Precision Parts Engineering for the supply of its tools and dies and the Wire and Spark Erosion facility sustains this demand with consistent accuracy.

Companies in the Aerospace Industry, both Engine and Airframe, also rely heavily on this aspect of Precision Parts Engineering's expertise.

Wire Cut Facility

2 x Sodick CNC Wire Cut EDM A302D

Machining envelope of 320 mm x 200 mm with taper machining capability.

Charmilles Roboform 35P Spark Erosion EDM Machining Centre

Machining envelope of 350 mm x 250 mm x 300 mm travel.