Large Machining

Precision Parts Engineering recognised, that its continuous growth and its ability to compete with lower-cost global competitors meant developing an expertise that gave it an advantage.

Through a high quality investment programme, Precision Parts Engineering has a first class large machining facility that can now offer table envelopes from 1mm to 4 metres.

As energy costs increase and with many industries seeking price advantages, Precision Parts Engineering is the ideal solution for quick and accurate turn-round of large components. Transporting large components, for either manufacture or industrial processes such as precision machining, off shore continues to be uneconomical and with its central location in Blackburn, Lancashire and close to the motorway network, Precision Parts Engineering is ideally placed to meet any demand for quick and accurate machining of large components.

The large machining facility at Rosewood Park, Blackburn is equipped with a Correa Euro Prisma A30/40. The Correa is a full CNC Universal Milling Machine with a programmable automatic indexing milling head. With a machining envelope of 4000mm x 155mm x 1200mm and a loading capacity of 9000kg, it also has a Heidenhain TNC530 control system.

In the same facility is a Butler Elga Mill. The Butler Elga Mill TE3000 is a full CNC Universal Milling Machine with auto indexing head and a 40 station tool changer. With a machining envelope of 3000mm x 1600mm x 1050mm, a loading capacity of 14 tonnes and a 500mm diameter CNC controlled 4th axis, the Butler Elga Mill TE 3000 can easily accommodate the larger and more complex components.

To complete the large machining capacity is a Correa Euro 2000. This full CNC High Speed Vertical Milling Machining Centre with its 24 station tool changer, has a machining envelope of 200mm x 1250mm x 650mm and a loading capacity of 5000kg. An additional feature of this machine is the high spindle speed of 10,000 rpm that enhances component finish and reduces the cost base. The Correa Euro 200 is also fitted with a 500mm diameter 4th axis table.

This large machining facility is also equipped with an overhead crane capable of traversing the whole complex. This crane installation has vastly improved the health and safety aspects and gives added security to component movement. Costs are also saved due to more efficient loading and unloading.

Companies from the Nuclear Industry, both land-based and marine, have taken advantage of this capacity and Precision Parts Engineering has achieved preferred supplier status due to the performance levels of its work. The same applies to companies in the Oil & Gas Industry, particularly those companies involved with undersea exploration work. In the Aerospace industry, Precision Parts Engineering has been able to machine large jigs used in the construction of wings for commercial aircraft.