Inspection and Quality

In engineering, inspection and quality control are involved in developing systems to ensure products or services are designed and produced to meet or exceed customer requirements. We understand that quality cannot be inspected into an item and that 'fitness for purpose' and 'doing it right first time' are essential elements of a successful business.

Building on these management principles, Precision Parts Engineering implemented a Lean Manufacturing programme whose principle aim was cost reduction by the elimination of waste and building a long-term relationship with its clients.

This lean implementation focussed on getting the right things, to the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity to achieve perfect work flow while minimising waste and being flexible and able to adapt to change.

In keeping with this philosophy, Precision Parts Engineering knew that quality components, whatever their size and complexity, cannot be produced without strict controls over every stage of production. Precision Parts Engineering maintains these controls through high investment in the latest quality control technology from conventional equipment such as vernier callipers, micrometer gauges and optical comparators to the latest in CMM technology.

Precision Parts Engineering's reputation as a leading supplier of quality precision components from 1mm to 4 metres has been built around a service that meets the requirements of its customers. To this end, Precision Parts Engineering operates a system of continual improvement, measuring its performance against the criteria demanded by its internationally recognised AS9100 & ISO 9001 accreditation.